We do science to improve the future

Elida Bahit Research Centre
and EBRC Publisher are brands of
a private limited company (LTD) by shares
incorporated in England and Wales in July 2020.
Company number: 12781776
VAT number: 408 2766 88
Executive Director: Eugenia Bahit
Prefession: Theoretical Computer Scientist

About us

We are a new company based in London, United Kingdom. We mostly work from overseas, foremost, from Argentina, Spain and Uruguay, but our headquarters are located in Covent Garden.

As a company, our mission is to do science to help companies, governments and institutions do better software, based on the scientific principles of Computer Science.

We trust in science and we know that only with science we can improve the life quality of people. By doing science, we want to contribute to making a better world. This is not a dream; it is a fact because we are already doing it. 

Meet our work