One-to-one private lessons in Computer Science

EB Research Centre offers one-to-one private lessons in Computer Science to Spanish speakers to develop and improve their computational reasoning skills

To receive lessons, it would be necessary to have a C1 Spanish level or above, or a B2 Spanish level with a native English proficiency.

The main goal is to facilitate students comprehension of the principles and fundamentals of Computer Science, algorithms, and programming languages in a profound and significant way.

Private Lessons for Software Engineers and Programmers

By having lessons in EBRC, it is possible to learn a programming language like C, Python, GNU Bash, or PHP. However, to achieve reasoning like a computer scientist, the focus will be on the knowledge of theories and fundamentals of programming and Software Engineering and how to apply them in practice.

Private lessons are given one-to-one by Director Eugenia Bahit, who also gives sporadic lectures to student groups.

Service fee

  • Pay per lesson: £60 / lesson
  • Pay by month: £168 / month

If you are unemployed or have a irregular income, you can apply for a special fee.

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Computer Science learning proposals

Books as an alternative to introductory courses to Computer Science: EB Research Centre does not offer introductory courses in Computer Science. To initially learn any topic, we recommend taking one-to-one private lessons or starting automata training by reading our introductory books.

Specialization Courses, Seminars and Masterclasses for Computer Scientists and Software Engineers: EB Research Centre offers dedicated training to professionals who want to improve their skills through seminars, specialization courses and masterclasses.

The main goal

The main goal is to direct students in comprehending the principles and fundamentals of Computer Science, algorithms, and programming languages in a profound and significant way.

One-to-one private lessons schedule

The schedule is UTC +0:00. You can see the exact hour for Argentina, Mexico and Spain by passing the mouse over each cell.

M T W T F  
3:30 pm
5:30 pm

Service Fee ➥

Service features

  • One-to-one private lessons.
  • One lesson per week.
  • 90' per lesson.
  • Real-time mentorship by video call.
  • Personalized reading material in Spanish.
  • Academic bibliography in English and Spanish.
  • Free access to EBRC Publishing books.
  • GNU/Linux based lessons.
  • Email support on workdays.
  • Pay per lesson.
  • Get up to 50% off by paying per month.

Upcoming events

18th TO 25th OF APRIL 2022:
Book Week 2022
From the 18th to the 25th of April, you can enjoy many activities such as quizzes about programming and computer science, reading our books online, receiving gifts, gift cards and coupons, IRC chatting, buying books with incredible discounts, taking part in prize draws, and much more.

JUNIO 2022:
Lógica y Metodología Científica en Seguridad Informática aplicada a la Ingeniería de Software