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At The Elida Bahit Research Centre we think there exists a gap between computer science and the final software.

For that reason, our mission is to research ways to reduce that breach by offering an on-demand research service performed for software engineering.

On-demand research service performedfor Software engineering

On-demand research service focuses on two goals:

  • Help government, companies, and institutions to create a better world.
  • Do open science.

Helping government, companies and institutions

The first objective is to help companies, governments, and institutions to create software based on computer science fundamentals, principles, and theories to avoid common fallacies in the marketing strategies of some technology companies.

These fallacies are responsible for most software vulnerabilities, data corruption, and difficulties in keeping the software up to date and in increasing its functionalities. We can help professionals think correctly and prove that one solution is logically correct.

Doing open science

We also want to create reusable science. This goal demands that we conduct all our scientific work using open science principles.

Computer science focused on developing countries and Spanish-speaking countries

The principal purpose of EB Research Centre is to help Spanish speaking countries. We can work around the entire world, but we have a particular interest in developing countries, especially in Latin American companies, governments, and institutions.

As we can work entirely in the Spanish language, Spanish companies, institutions, and government organizations are our target.


EB Research Centre will reinvest a percentage of its profits in theoretical and practical computer science research for the next year.

Current projects are focused on software engineering and are awaiting the first approach All of them have been started outside EBRC, and we expect to advance with them along the next year.

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first results

First results are available on Research Gate in the Spanish language:

Authentication system by dissociation of cryptographical credentials.
DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.23869.82404

MVC modular architectures in CGI interfaces.
DOI: 10.6084/m9.figshare.8312522.v1

Encoding character system for decimal validation in high-level programming.
DOI: 10.6084/m9.figshare.11574123

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Let us know what problem you want to solve or what issue you are worried about, and we will conduct the proper research using the scientific method in order to reach the expected objectives by building safe software. Please send us an email in English or in Spanish.

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